Gce waec 2019 Literature Obj & Prose Answers

Gce waec 2019 Literature Obj & Prose Answers – Aug/Sept

Literature OBJ


Poison is a product of a dysfunctional home, hits the street by the age of eight. By age fifteen, he has acquired sufficient experiences and boldness to become his own master. He soon recruits girls into prostitution, becomes a feared pimp and the Lord of a portion of Accra streets. He attempts to rape fofo as a way of silencing her mother about the death of Baby T. He threatens the Kayayoos into silence about the identity of the dead girl. Poison is responsible for the calls made to Sylv Po’s GMG show with the intention to make people not direct attention or link him with the dead girl.
He sponsors the delivery of a parcel containing shit to MUTE. His actions in the story marks him out as the novel’s antagonist. His actions and denial delay the resolution of the conflict in the novel. He is central to some if the major theme in the novel. He is a symbolic character in the novel.
He is used to illustrate what becomes of children at dysfunctional families.


Yaremi is the protagonist of the narative. Yaremi is a strong,energetic woman in her mid fifties.Yaremi,although recently widowed,copes with life fairly well after the death of her husband. She is left to cater for herself and her grandson, Woye. Yaremi’s main occupation is dyeing taffeta cloths in indigo solution.she is maker and seller of dyed taffeta cloth.she work in her dye yard with Woye and they work tirelessly.
Woye is Segi’s grand child.He is a healthy child except for an instance in the narrative where he fall sick .He is a curious child loves to gather scraps and other items that have been cast away. He is the son of Segi, Yaremi’s daughter. He loves to play football ,he is a great dribbler. He lived with Yaremi until it was time for him to start school in Olode. He kept Yaremi company and assisted her in making taffeta products which she sold in different markets.
In other words Yaremi is now left with her grandson and her taffeta dyeing business. These are her only consolation and she wastes no time in giving herself to them. Woye is not bothered by the present state of things, being only a child. Lately, he has begun to show serious signs of his interest in schooling. Without hesitation, he tells his mother Segi, about his desire to go back to Olode with her to start schooling. The time is ripe to enroll Woye in the kindergarten school and the Anglican Junior Primary School at Olode is Segis choice for her son. Early the following morning, Segi and her son bid farewell to Yaremi, leaving her lonelier than before. She is not happy with Woyes departure, but she is not going to deny her grandson education.
Woyes likes to listen to Yaremi’s stories.From listening to Yaremi ‘s tales ,he knows the stories of the tortoises who disgraced himself with a meal of pottage at his in laws’ house ,the hungry baboon,the red monkey and the bandy – legged hyena.
Woye is a hardworking child and worthy companion to Yaremi. He ‘drives’ to other villages whenever Yaremi sends him to ask her debtors to pay up their debt
Yaremi is a committed grandmother. She takes very good care of Woye. She nurses Woye back health when he fall sick .she teaches him alot about work and dignity of labour.


Mary’s ignorance of her privilege and the fear it causes Bigger form the backdrop of the series of events that unfortunately spell her end. In other words Mary Dalton respond to her death is due to careless life so she and Jan take Bigger out for food. As they drive through the night, the two white folks hand a bottle of rum back and forth. Then
they give Bigger a few swigs. Mary gets out of the car, clearly drunk, and asks Bigger to help her to her room. She passes out in Bigger’s arms while his fear grows as he tries to find her room.
Mary keeps falling against Bigger, brushing various parts of her body
against him. He notices these glancing brushes and eventually leans into a kiss, knowing it is wrong. His hands slide along her body and her breasts fall into them. Mary sleeps all through his groping. Suddenly, Mary’s blind mother walks into the room. Bigger holds first
his hand and then a pillow in front of Mary’s mouth to try and keep
her from making a noise to reveal him. He ends up pushing too hard and Mary dies while her mother is in the room. Mrs. Dalton only believes Mary to be ”dead drunk” and eventually leaves. In other words Bigger disposes of Mary’s body by putting her in the Dalton family furnace, thus prompting a city-wide search for Mary, and leading, later, to Bigger’s imprisonment and sentencing to execution for his crimes.


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